PerSim(TM): EMS World Innovation Awards Finalist


MedCognition, Inc has been recognized as a finalist in the 2018 EMS World Innovation Awards for developing PerSim®, a virtual patient holographic simulator that raises the bar on realism and immersion for simulation-based training in healthcare.

We appreciate the recognition, but it ain’t about us.

It’s about YOU.

This is what I mean….

There a lot of boxes to tick off in a lifetime, but most of us at MedCognition did not expect to be here 10 years ago.

Starting a company from thin air and throwing your hat into the arena with the big dogs is kind of a crazy move. We already lived quite comfortable lives before MedCognition and could have just hummed across the finish line of life without many bumps in the road along the way to retirement.

But, from our work in the trenches and frontlines of healthcare we knew that more could be done. We knew, in a way that only personal experience can inform, that taking care of patients is HARD.

We also knew that better tools for those who have dedicated their human energy to helping others was in dire need. We understood the perils of not receiving crucial lessons in medicine while in training.

We also understood the tremendous challenges educators and instructors at the bedside grapple with in meeting the charge of preparing the next generation of trainees for a career in healthcare.

Our mission is driven by a heart of service to educators, trainees and patients.

On the journey we have spoken to many EMS educators, EMTs, firefighters and paramedics. The dedication to the craft and preparation blows us away every time.

Thank you very much for the recognition, but frankly we are honored to serve the EMS community in this small way through our work with PerSim®.

About The Writer:  Hector Caraballo, MD is a practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician and Chief Medical Officer at MedCognition.

MedCogntion helps healthcare training programs provide immersive simulation learning experiences using PerSim® our high-fidelity holographic patient simulator system.