Frequently Asked Questions

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PerSim® is the first holographic, mixed reality simulation tool for training healthcare professionals to save lives using a portable, affordable, intuitive system. Our innovative content and features provide resources for creating compelling and realistic training environments… anytime and anywhere. High-fidelity depictions of clinical conditions can be customized from standardized presentations to suit your training requirements.

Our Base System provides the tools for creating and delivering high fidelity mixed reality training scenarios.

Every PerSim® System includes:
*1 Microsoft HoloLens headset
1 Android tablet for instructor-based operation
1 Android tablet for virtual patient monitoring
1 wireless router
1 equipment charging station
1 software license to manage PerSim® System components and content
–All encased in a portable rugged Pelican case–

*Additional headsets available at an additional cost

The basic system content and features are a one-time purchase with no additional fees.

PerSim® is designed to present a holographic representation of a patient in whatever training environment you wish. Our training specialists are happy to discuss your specific environmental needs prior to purchase. PerSim has been designed to significantly reduce the cost of innovative simulation training in several ways:

  1. Our fully portable system is truly designed to be transported “anytime, anywhere.” We ship your PerSim System in a sturdy rolling Pelican case weighing less than 35 pounds when fully loaded.
  2. No electrical power source or internet access is required to run your training session. Our portable system is designed to operate in its own closed network so you can take the equipment to any outdoor or indoor environment you deem suitable for your trainees.
  3. To keep your PerSim System affordable, you don’t need a manikin, but you have the option to integrate one if you already have one available.
  4. Periodically, you must connect your PerSim components (the HoloLens and tablet) to the internet to receive software updates from MedCognition. However, an active internet connection is not required to conduct training sessions.
  5. If you wish to stream a point-of-view video stream from the HoloLens, you must have a computer with Windows 10, a Microsoft Display Adapter or a television capable of receiving a Miracast stream.

You don’t need to be a programmer to take advantage of the PerSim®. Our instructor editing module uses a drag and drop interface and a simple graphical interface to allow you to create detailed simulation scenarios.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive, on-site training as well as a library of self-help videos. Still stuck? Our technical support technicians are available via live chat during normal business hours to help you.

We believe that high-quality simulation should be affordable. PerSim® systems start at less than $10,000 and includes two models (adult male and adult female, a monitor-defibrillator with all necessary heart rhythms and capnometry, one HoloLens and all necessary hardware to run your own holographic training scenarios. Additional HoloLenses (to allow for team training), advanced content and other features available. Contact us today for a customized quote. (some features still in development, contact us for details)

PerSim® Base System includes two models and a broad selection of common medical conditions such as shortness of breath, seizure, chest pain and altered mental status. Also included is a monitor-defibrillator that supports advanced cardiac training. The features of the base system are yours, forever, no additional fees. Ever.

If you wish to expand your PerSim® system beyond the basic capabilities, there’s PerSim® Plus, available at an annual subscription fee.

PerSim® Plus is our enhanced training system expansion pack. There is an annual subscription fee for these additional capabilities.

Enhancements to the base system include features for training

  • Major trauma
  • Multi-patient — simulate up to four patients simultaneously
  • Male and female models of different ethnicities
  • Advanced Adult Illness
  • Pediatric models including neonate, infant and school-age children.

Some features still in development. Updates are released periodically.

For more information, please see our spec sheet here
For a copy of our product roadmap, click here