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Do not attempt to repair any PerSim® System device yourself. If you are experiencing any problems with the product, please contact your MedCognition technical support specialist who will assist you with any questions you might have.

Do not return any device to factory settings. The custom setup of PerSim® System components must be performed by a MedCognition Support Technician. Attempting a factory reset/re-install of the operating system will void MedCognition customized configurations potentially causing the device(s) to be inoperable. Always contact MedCognition support for assistance.

Do not install additional software on your PerSim® system. Other software installations may interfere with the function of the PerSim® system. Please contact MedCognition technical support if you wish to install other software on your PerSim® device.

software updates

connectivity issues

"how to" tutorials

Using gestures (HoloLens 1st generation)

Using gestures (HoloLens 2nd generation)

The PerSim® system:

MedCognition provides software-specific tutorials for the PerSim® system:

Launching PerSim on HoloLens

Creating a Scenario in PerSim Controller

contact MedCognition support

Technical support email:

Technical support telephone: (210) 960-0930 option 2


When contacting the support team (, be ready to provide the following information to your MedCognition technician:

PerSim App > Settings > Device ID
PerSim App Settings are accessed through the top left corner menu in the app

Tablet Settings > About tablet > Serial number

Tablet Settings are accessed through the Settings App on the tablet home screen.