Basic Airway Management in EMS

Basic Airway Management in EMS For Submission to Dr. Hector Carabello August 15th, 2021 Jennie Helmer, ACP, M.Ed. Introduction By its very definition, “basic airway management” is anything but basic.  As a paramedic, you instinctively know that the most critical task you will be called on to perform, is managing the airway.  Strikingly, the most […]

Medical Training in the Time of COVID

Medical Training in the Time of COVID It’s only been about a year since the COVID pandemic blind-sided institutions of education. At all levels of education, learning diminished to a trickle or a complete halt. Globally it is estimated that 900 million learners have been impacted. The pandemic effects on healthcare education and training have […]

EMS Article-in-a-minute: Patient Age, Airway Management & First Pass Success

Mastering airway management is one part procedure and three parts decision making. Properly assessing the context, alternatives and considering the worse case downside to any action taken with airway management is all about cognition (decision-making). Here is some evidence to help inform your decision making regarding advance airway management in the pre-hospital environment. Delving into […]

Healthcare Employee Training: What’s It Really Costing Us?

We don’t talk about this very much, but an unsustainable cost in healthcare is employee  turnover. When compared to other industries, employee turnover in healthcare is incredibly high. In fact, “it’s about 30% higher than other industries” states PSI Services.   These statistics are especially true for those who serve as first responders. According to EMS1, […]

How AR Will Make Surgery Safer

How AR Will Make Surgery Safer TAKE A LOOK AT HOW AUGMENTED REALITY WILL DISRUPT THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY AND IMPROVE SAFETY The ability to superimpose computer generated images into the physical world used to be limited to science fiction, but soon augmented reality, or AR, promises to change the way we interact with the physical […]

How is Augmented Reality Being Used in Medicine?

How is Augmented Reality Being Used in Medicine? Augmented Reality in the healthcare industry is groundbreaking. Right now technological advancements like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are key factors driving the current business growth in healthcare. With the help of these key factors, especially AR, healthcare professionals are now able […]

Getting from Amateur to Pro in Medical Training: One Key Concept

Getting from Amateur to Pro in Medical Training: One Key Concept One of the most challenging gaps to bridge in the healthcare is the gap between textbook knowledge and its application at the patient’s bedside.  The cognitive practice whereby a learner’s mastery of knowledge or skill in one context allows them to apply that knowledge or […]