The Numbers Behind Persim

You will be Amazed by The Numbers Behind PerSim® “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — ARTHUR ASHE We are on a mission. PerSim® is the holographic patient, made by MedCognition, to help the frontlines of healthcare save more lives by making high-fidelity simulation realistic, portable, and easy to […]

How Has Mixed Reality Changed Healthcare

Innovation is a necessity in healthcare. As researchers and doctors are working tirelessly to search for new and better ways to treat and diagnose patients, they’ve also looked into modern technologies to improve healthcare. One emerging technology that stands out to revolutionize a few aspects of the healthcare industry is mixed reality. Like similar technologies […]

Facts You Can’t Miss About COVID-19 That Are Changing EMS Practice

“NIPPV was found to have the farthest dispersion of virus at 3 feet.” Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic is placing immense and unimaginable pressure on Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) everywhere.  As the virus rages around the country, first responders are increasingly vulnerable to contracting the virus, personal protective equipment stocks are shrinking and as was feared, […]

5 Tips on EMS Remote Adult Learning: During a Pandemic and Beyond

The idea of a watershed is a moment in time when something changes and things will never be the same again.  Your perspective shifts significantly. These are moments that drive us and the world around us, to become different people, with new ideas and motivations. From Ebola, the opioid crisis and active shooter events, Emergency […]

EMS Article-in-a-minute: Patient Age, Airway Management & First Pass Success

Mastering airway management is one part procedure and three parts decision making. Properly assessing the context, alternatives and considering the worse case downside to any action taken with airway management is all about cognition (decision-making). Here is some evidence to help inform your decision making regarding advance airway management in the pre-hospital environment. Delving into […]

Can “sucking it up” harm you

The first time a patient happened to die under my sole care I had years of schooling and training under my belt. I knew the moment would come, but it still rocked my world.  I can still recall the details as if it happened this morning. I also remember going home that night feeling like […]

Hearts, Minds & ECGs

My head is pounding.  I almost never get headaches. I am halfway through my shift. It is 2 am and I am just not feeling it.  I haven’t had a normal night’s sleep in about a week.  This new rotation in the schedule is besting me.  I am not proud to admit it, but at […]

The Health of Healthcare Professionals: What You Don’t Know May Surprise You

CAN AN UNHEALTHY PHYSICIAN PROVIDE YOU THE BEST HEALTHCARE? The Atlantic reported on, “a Johns Hopkins University study [that] found physicians were less likely to talk to their patients about weight if they were overweight themselves.” Healthcare workers are charged with caring for, and optimizing the health outcomes of the population overall.  The work is […]